CCE is a Czech producer of custom made stainless steel catering equipment.

CCE specialize in stainless steel products for use in commercial kitchens, such as bar counters, work tables, sinks, cabinets, shelvings etc.

We always manufacture commercial catering equipment to our customers' specifications and take an exceptional care about functionality and beautiful desing for reasonable prices.

About our company

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Our stainless steel products

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Advantages of establishing a partnership with us

Top quality products

  • We take advantage of the latest machine equipment and technology
  • Our staff is skilful and well-educated
  • Our products are made of stainless steel which complies with the highest hygienic standards

High level services

  • Short delivery time (3 - 4 weeks in most cases) is guaranteed
  • We accept your own AutoCAD designs
  • Our customer approach is always complex

Affordable prices

  • Lower salaries in the Czech Republic in comparison with Western European countries enable us to cut the price
  • Effective production based on modern technologies reduces costs
  • Advantageous location in Central Europe makes transport faster and cheaper

our portfolio

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